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For Sale:.
Model A Engine
Rebuilt and ready to run.
B cam with B head - resurfaced;
Modern Valves and seats;
New crank grars;
New studs and nuts;
Rebuilt Oil pump;
New pistons adn rings;
Rebabbited mains and line bored;
Resurfaced deck with new valve springs and adjustable tappets.
Resurfaced intake and exhaust manifold;
Rebuilt B carburetor and water pump;
Generator and Distributor and new spark plugs;
Lightened flywheel and new ring gear.
Contact Stan Braden (209) 202-1905

 1930 Model A Roadster for Sale, Chassis, engine, transmission and rear end have all been rebuilt. Brookville Roadster body primed. Asking $12,500 obo. Contact Rolf Eidbo at  209-404-4170


 The daughter of a former member, Pat O'Neil, has some things that she thought some club members might be interested in. They include a vintage paper towel dispenser, Model A Luggage Rack, Mounts of some type, and assorted tools and parts. Contact Eileen Hinch at emhinch@gmail.com or 650-570-4695.






El Camino A's Chapter, MAFCA
Post Office Box 1754
San Mateo, CA 94401-0924

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